Mahatma Gandhiji Memorial Library

The integral departments of the Karnataka Gandhi smaraka Nidhi at Gandhi Bhavan are Mahatma Gandhiji Memorial Library with over 10,000 books of Gandhi and Sarvodaya Literature in kannada, English and Hindi. This is biggest reference library in the state for Gandhian thought.

Gandhiyana Publishing House

(Gandhiyana Publishing House) Publication section which was instituted in 1956 and which has published over 50 titles in kannada most of them being edited and translated writings of Gandhiji himself. Reprints of popular titles like autobiography, Geeta according to Gandhi, Basic Education. Hind swarj, Guide to health are constantly being brought out. New titles are also being added. Recently kannada edition of selected works of mahatma Gandhi published by Navajivan Trust Ahmedabad was added to our publications.Currently monthly journal GANDHIYANA in Kannada is in circulation

Unit for Audio Visual Education

Unit for audio visual education and examination on the life and message of mahatma Gandhi for schools and the public, video cassettes and records are available for students & Public.