Karnataka Gandhi Smaraka Nidhi

Gandhi Bhavan, Bengaluru

The Karnataka Gandhi Smaraka Nidhi was registered as an autonomous state body for furthering the objective of perpetuating the memory and message of Gandhiji to coming generation. If planned to have an appropriate building to house the state headquarters permanently. The Government of Karnataka graciously granted a suitable site in kumara park adjacent to kumara krupa Guest House where way back in 1927 Gandhiji stayed during his visit to the old Mysore state as the honored guest of the state. 

The Land

The land granted by the Government was shared by the Sarva Seva Sangh and the Gandhi Smaraka Nidhi on a long lease of 30 years. In 1988 Government granted the land permanently to Nidhi. The Gandhi Bhavan was planned to provide for all activities of the Nidhi and was built at a cost of Rs.3.80 lacs including the picture gallery costing over Rs. 55.000/-. It was inaugurated by Dr. S. Radhakrishnan the president of India on 8th December 1965.

The Stone building

The spacious stone building with its artistic panels of engraved figure of Mahathmaji on two outer walls, with a magnificent lecture hall with a plaster plaque of Gandhiji, a beautiful picture gallery and office halls, stands with an unique architectural beauty of its own. From time to time the Gandhi Bhavan has housed within its premises various Gandhian constructive institution such as Karnataka Sarvodaya Mandal, the Sarvodaya Sahithya samithi, the Harijan Sevak Sangha. Gandhi Peace Foundation and Institute of parliamentary affairs.

Mahatma Gandhiji Memorial Library

The integral departments of the Karnataka Gandhi smaraka Nidhi at Gandhi Bhavan are Mahatma Gandhiji Memorial Library with over 10,000 books of Gandhi and Sarvodaya Literature in kannada, English and Hindi. This is biggest reference library in the state for Gandhian thought.

Publications Section

(Gandhiyana Publishing House) Publication section which was instituted in 1956 and which has published over 50 titles in kannada most of them being edited and translated writings of Gandhiji himself. Reprints of popular titles like autobiography, Geeta according to Gandhi, Basic Education. Hind swarj, Guide to health are constantly being brought out. New titles are also being added. Recently kannada edition of selected works of mahatma Gandhi published by Navajivan Trust Ahmedabad was added to our publications.Currently monthly journal GANDHIYANA in Kannada is in circulation

Unit for Audio Visual Education

Unit for audio visual education and examination on the life and message of mahatma Gandhi for schools and the public, video cassettes and records are available for students & Public.